1What is NovaMeal®?
NovaMeal is a high performing bypass protein. It is a multi-faceted new ingredient that provides valuable digestible nutrients in one convenient package. It’s plant-based with high levels of Digestible RUP (~82%)
1What’s the nutrient profile of NovaMeal?
On a dry matter basis, NovaMeal is ~34% crude protein with high RUP (89.5% of CP) and high RUPD (~82% of CP). It also contains ~36% aNDF that is highly digestible. The linoleic fatty acid level is ~2%, which helps to maintain a low RUFAL. A complete nutrient profile is available. Request one from one of our nutritionists. NOTE: A feed library is available to import into Dalex (the Consulting Nutritionist version), AMTS, NDS and CPM.
1How is NovaMeal made?
Novita Nutrition sources a corn-based product to our specifications, which is our beginning feedstock. Through the patented process most of the unsaturated fat is removed. High levels of unsaturated fat are detrimental to ruminant animals. This innovative process results in the branded product, NovaMeal, a high rumen undegradable protein (RUP), high in RUP digestibility (RUPD) and consistent fat level. The low levels of fat are ideal for ruminant animals and have been fed with great results. NovaMeal supplies a nutrient rich product that is highly absorbable, this complete package improves income over feed costs.
1How should I incorporate NovaMeal into the diet?
Due to NovaMeal’s high level of RUPD, it can replace other high protein ingredients, while bringing the additional benefit of digestible fiber. These feedstuffs will vary by geography and the replacement strategy will vary based upon the farm situation and market. Don’t hesitate to speak with one of our nutritionists about scenarios that are specific to your needs.
1Can NovaMeal be fed to...
...cows in all stages of lactation?
Yes. NovaMeal can be fed to all lactating cows. It’s been fed to lactating cows in University research and on-farm demonstrations.

...dry cows?
Yes. NovaMeal can be fed to dry cows.

...heifer replacements?
Yes. NovaMeal can be fed to heifer replacements.
1Is NovaMeal available?
Yes. We pride ourselves on our customer service and logistics which allow us to provide our customers with an on-time commitment for our contracts. Call our Sales & Customer Service phone at 605.610.0976 to purchase or inquire about NovaMeal.
1Has research been conducted on NovaMeal?
Research has been conducted on the product, process to make the product, and protein metabolism and performance of cows when the product is fed under different scenarios. NovaMeal was fed to lactating dairy cows up to 30% inclusion in the diet in University research and on-farm demonstrations. The data are published in three peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Dairy Science. For more details, visit the research page .
1How much will NovaMeal cost?
The price of NovaMeal will fluctuate with the market. It will likely follow other protein sources (i.e., canola meal and soybean meal).
1Who manufactures NovaMeal?
Novita Nutrition is a new animal protein nutrition company founded by a veteran group of entrepreneurs in South Dakota. Through an innovative production process, Novita, produces NovaMeal, a pelleted, multi-factorial ingredient that provides valuable nutrients. After receiving positive results through university research and dairy demonstrations to prove out the patented technology, construction started at the company’s first production facility - Novita Aurora in 2015 to produce NovaMeal. The plant is located outside of Aurora, South Dakota (2 miles east of Brookings) and has reached full production.

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