• "I get components every time with 3 lbs of NovaMeal."
    Danny Agueda
    Nutritionist, Dairy Strategies
    Atwater, California
  • "We are very happy with the results of NovaMeal and will definitely continue to use the product in our rations."
    Nick Vande Weerd
    Owner, Pleasant Dutch Dairy
    Willow Lake, South Dakota
  • “By being a consistent source of protein, it has allowed us to make money on components in ways we couldn’t before.”
    David Elliott
    Manager, Drumgoon Dairy
    Lake Norden, South Dakota
  • “We replaced all our canola with NovaMeal about a year ago. With the substantial savings in our feed cost while keeping the same production, it is a huge win for us!”
    Uly Mendoza
    Owner, Uly's Dairy
    Manteca, California
  • “We’ve saved on feed costs since adding NovaMeal into our diets and maintained good milk flow and components. We have been feeding it for over a year and our cows tell us it works.”
    Edward Kavanagh
    KC Dairy
    Elkton, South Dakota